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Information on website www.emotions.64g.ru.

physiognomy and emotional expressions

Physiognomy and emotional expressions.

Emotions and physiognomy of human faces.
Emotional expressions of people.

Physiognomy has two researches of changing emotional displays which are connected with mobile facial features, or constant shapes and sizes in faces of people.

 online galleries of physiognomic images to distinguish emotions in faces symbols in galleries allow to see types of facial emotional expressions

versions of emotions are systematized by means of 64 hexagrams meanings of emotions and logic combinations of symbols in the canon I Ching

Pages of website www.emotions.64g.ru represent online galleries of physiognomic images which allow to distinguish emotions in faces of people and to predict events according to seen facial moods.
In particular physiognomic images or otherwise to tell symbols in galleries allow to see types of facial emotional expressions. To predict and guess actions, also to foretell behavior of people and events which are caused by emotional expressions. To see emotional aspirations of people in various spheres of time. To analyze emotions arising in mutual relationships of people.
Physiognomic images in galleries and versions of emotions are systematized by means of 64 hexagrams of the canon of changes I Ching or Yi King or I Jing. Namely emotional expressions of human faces are compared to various combinations of lines in hexagrams I Ching. And also meanings of emotions are described according to logic combinations of symbols in the canon I Ching.
Pages of website have texts which allow to understand meanings of facial emotions in view of physiognomy and psychology. Also this website considers logic aspects of analytical philosophy which is necessary for understanding of emotions in facial expressions and philosophical concepts of the Chinese canon of changes I Ching.

Information on physiognomy of emotional expressions in faces of people can be interesting to make-up artists and image makers or other specialists in visual design of female faces. Or information on physiognomy can be necessary for cosmeticians and specialists of cosmetic medicine. Or psychoanalysts and psychologists as doctors can consider psychological meanings and characteristics of facial features in a context of physiognomy.

Physiognomic cards and emotions of people.
Prediction of facial expressions with hexagrams I Ching.

playing cards with images of facial symbols and hexagrams of I Ching Also pages of website www.emotions.64g.ru represent the mantic game which includes 64 playing cards with images of physiognomic symbols and hexagrams of the canon of changes I Ching. Also this mantic game includes 64 cells of chess board which correspond to the magic square of 64 numbers in numerology. Playing cards with images of facial symbols and hexagrams of the canon I Ching you can have on the chess board, or otherwise to tell in cells of magic numerical square, that allows to carry out various prognoses and predictions, and also mantic games and conundrums.
Namely digits on physiognomic playing cards correspond with serial numbers in the canon I Ching or or I Jing, and with ciphers in the magic square of chess board, that assumes realization of diverse mantic games and conundrums which can be considered as prognoses and predictions with Chinese hexagrams.
It is possible to download the PDF file in which there are pictures of the magic chess board and physiognomic playing cards, and also there are instructions and rules of mantic games and conundrums.
Pictures in the PDF file are suitable for printing on a home printer in format A4. Namely you can download file and make physiognomic playing cards of paper and cardboard. After that it is possible to foretell and predict events, also emotional expressions and behavior of people according to facial symbols of emotions.

Also look information about hexagonal playing cards with images of hexagrams of the canon I Ching on pages of website www.en.artgame64.ru.


Human emotions and aeons of the divine world.
Optimum emotional expressions of people.

triangles mean hexagrams of the canon I Ching and facial features Besides pages of website www.numeralgame.64g.ru consider philosophical concepts according to which human emotions and facial physiognomy of people, and also symbols of the canon of changes I Ching (Yi King or I Jing) are compared to phenomena of Spirit, Soul and Body in the context of Christian Gnostic philosophy
In particular pages of website have online gallery where images of physiognomic symbols and geometrical triangles in astrological circle show influence of divine aeons of perfect world on facial moods and emotions of people. Namely triangles mean hexagrams of the canon I Ching and facial features which are compared to symbols of zodiac signs on astrological circle, that symbolizes different types of emotions in faces of people and variants of emotional expressions according to which you can correct state of moods.
Images in gallery allow to correlate emotional expressions of a man or woman to faces of surrounding people for correcting changes of emotions according to optimum facial images which are favorable for development of Soul.


Pages of gallery consider the Gnostic Apocryphon of apostle John where there is information on the divine Trinity and twelve aeons of perfect world.
Ratio of symbols in the canon I Ching and emotional expressions in physiognomic features of a human face with twelve aeons and zodiac signs on astrological circle.
Comparison of Christian concepts about Spirit Soul Body with Chinese philosophy in the book Tao Te Ching.
About Christian Sophia who is aeon of perfect divine world and is the reason of occurrence of imperfect physical universe in which there is an imperfect man. And also about luminous Epinoia of divine aeons which in the consent with Spirit of Jesus Christ are called to correct physical imperfection of people.

Also on pages of website www.emotions.64g.ru there is publication about emotional types of human personality and facial shapes. Emotional types can be calculated according to positions of planets in zodiac signs in horoscopes and birth charts of people in the context of astrology.

I hope that information on physiognomy and emotional expressions of people, also data on emotions in features of a face as displays of human Soul will be interesting!
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