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open games with dominoes

Open games with dominoes on a playing board.
Puzzles with domino tiles.
Rules and instructions.

Address of online blog for discussions about rules of dominoes and many other logic games.

logic game with tiles or tokens of dominoes on playing chess board The offered logic game allows to place tiles or tokens of dominoes onto squares of a playing chess board. Therefore it is possible to play games and puzzles or conundrums which were not known earlier.
Players can use different rules in this domino game, and altogether people can have gaming variants which have a unlimited variety.
The offered intellectual game differs from traditional dominoes by presence of a playing board, and also that domino tiles are specially ordered and designated that gives new and various potential for organization of gaming interactions for players.
Namely this board game has original design of playing construction.

Pages of the website have PDF files with images of domino tiles or printed cards and also pictures of chess boards suitable for printing in format A4. It is possible to download images and to produce tiles of dominoes of cardboard and paper, and to try intellectual games or logic conundrums according to playing rules and instructions which also are in PDF files.
The offered gaming includes some versions in which tiles of dominoes with various digital systems and playing boards have different complexities and geometrical forms.
The main sets of dominoes
are two decks of tiles which have combinations of numbers from 0 to 6 as classical domino set. But tiles in two decks are especially organized and distributed on proportional groups according to the mathematical rule of magic square. And the main version of dominoes has the game board with 64 squares of 8 verticals and 8 horizontals as in checkers or chess.
Namely domino tiles of two complete sets differ by different colors that allows to distinguish dominoes if each player plays by own deck. And also tiles of dominoes in complete sets are distributed on proportional groups which are designated by different colors and have equal mathematical sums of digits.
Players can chose two complete sets in which digits are identical, or two proportional groups in which numerical ratios have equal mathematical proportions, and as a result equal chances for a prize will be considered, that allows to have dominoes on a game board as chessmen.
Namely players can choose decks or proportional groups with equal digital designs, and equal odds to win will be actual as in a chess.
The third set of dominoes
is deck of tiles with numerical combinations from 0 to 3. Domino tiles in this complete set too are especially organized and distributed on proportional groups for logic games and mathematical puzzles on a playing board which has 64 squares. Namely dominoes of this deck can be located on 8 verticals and 8 horizontals in initial game positions as chessmen.

Besides pages of website represent complete sets of square dominoes or quadraminoes or tetraminoes, and also decks of hexagonal domino tiles or hexaminoes.

tetraminoes are two sets of quadrangular tiles with combinations of numbers
Quadraminoes or tetraminoes are two sets of quadrangular tiles with combinations of numbers from 1 to 3 and playing board which has 10 horizontal and 8 vertical rows of squares, that is enough for realization of various logic games and puzzles or conundrums.
Complete sets of square dominoes too are ordered and distributed on proportional groups according to equal mathematical proportions of numbers, and also tow decks have designations which allow players to distinguish own and another's tiles, that as a result allows to have tetraminoes in initial game positions as chessmen and to play with open information and equal chances to win a prize.
sets of domino tiles of hexagonal forms and six-sided cells of playing board


Hexadominoes or hexaminoes are two complete sets of domino tiles having hexagonal forms and corresponding six-sided cells of playing board.
Tiles of hexaminoes too are proportionally ordered and designated that gives to players original and interesting methods for organization of game interactions, namely it allows to apply various rules of intellectual games or patience puzzles.

And also look information about hexagonal dominoes on pages of website

mathematical game design as metaphysical system of solar gates Mega complete set of quadrangular dominoes or quadraminoes or tetraminoes with combinations of numbers from 0 to 3.
Tiles and playing board of this set of square dominoes can be considered as calendar and mantic predictive system, because mathematical structure of this game design corresponds with metaphysical system of "solar gates" in the apocryphal Book of Enoch's Secrets.
And also the shown game design allows to carry out not only mantic divinations and predictions, but also various intellectual games and puzzles or conundrums.

On pages of website there are PDF files in which you can download images of all listed numerical mathematical systems of dominoes and also pictures of game boards which are available for printing in format À4.

Other details about design and construction features of the shown versions of domino games look on pages of website.

I hope that the offered complete sets of various domino tiles or printed playing cards with digits of dominoes, and also rules and instructions of games and puzzles will be interesting and entertaining!
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