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calendars and symbols i-jing

Calendars and symbols i-jing.

Circles and rings of hexagrams i-jing.
Facial emotions and physiognomic aspects.

hexagrams and aspects of zodiac signs in astrological circle Pages of website represent information on geometrical ordering of  hexagonal symbols according to which hexagrams of the Chinese Book or Canon of Changes i-jing and corresponding physiognomic facial pictures are organized in circular spatial arrangements where it is possible to see positive and negative ratio of symbols in the book of i-jing, and also negative and positive parities of emotions in lineament features in faces of people.
Namely 13 hexagonal symbols correspond to groups of hexagrams i-jing and form 5 circles within which ratio of symbols i-jing can be considered as aspects of zodiac signs within astrological circle. And also it is possible to consider aspects of physiognomic facial pictures that allows to speak about positive or negative emotional parities in mutual relationships of people according to emotions in lineaments of human faces.
And also pages of website give information on circular spatial arrangements for hexagrams of the Chinese Book or Canon of Changes i-jing in four rings which correspond to numbers of four quarters in the magic square of numerology. Namely arrangements of symbols i-jing in the magic square of numerological numbers and derivative circular orderings in rings which actually designate "decision of circular quadrature" of 64 symbols in the Chinese Book or Canon of i-jing.
According to ratio of symbols i-jing and physiognomic pictures of facial lineaments with numbers of the magic square it is possible to play games or to solve puzzles and conundrums, and also to foretell predictions.
According to spatial arrangements of symbols i-jing in rings it is possible to analyze interrelations of 8 psychological types of Jungian analytical psychology and 16 psycho-types in socionics or Brigs Majers type indicator, and also 64 facial types of analytical physiognomy.

And also look the information on physiognomy of a human face and psychological types of analytical psychology.

Chronological cycles of time.
Calendars and hexagrams i-jing.

numerology of numbers and geometrical laws of i-jing Also pages of website represent information on ratio of hexagrams in the Book of Changes i-jing with calendar cycles of time and chronology of a human life.
In particular pages show chronological systems in which 64 symbols of i-jing are compared to 365 days of one annual cycle of the sun and also 364-day cycle of the Qumran calendar which has been found on coast of the Dead Sea.
Animal calendar of the Chinese astrology, namely twelve cyclic signs of the Chinese zodiac and five substances or elements in philosophy of ancient China are compared with symbols i-jing.
Numerological numbers and geometrical laws which specify that the sequence of 64 hexagrams in the Book of Changes i-jing is not casual but has the concrete mathematical order.
Ratio of lunar calendars and 28 days of a moon cycle in astrology with symbols i-jing and cardinal points of space in astrological circle.
Ratio of astrological "vital point" and planets in birth charts and horoscopes of people with the life cycle and symbols i-jing, and also with physiognomic pictures which symbolize positive or negative periods of a human life, and also symbolize ratio of facial emotions with characteristics of planets in astrology.
Chronological systems of hexagrams i-jing in the calendar cycle which consists of 70 days and corresponds with the Christian liturgical calendar, or consists of 70 years and corresponds with chronology from the birth of Christ, and also corresponds with 70-year periods in the book of prophet Daniel in the Bible.
Ratio of zodiac signs within astrological circle with names of twelve apostles.

Astrology and symbols i-jing.
Planet Uranus and eras of human civilization.

hexagonal symbols i-jing with astronomical cycle of the planet Uranus Also pages of website show cosmological charts which correspond with hexagrams of the Book of Changes i-jing and astronomical cycles of the planet Uranus, and also which specify epochs and eras in development of the human civilization, and in essence specify astrological and psycho-physiological processes according to which the human civilization develops.
In particular hexagonal symbols and hexagrams i-jing are compared to 84-year astronomical cycle of the planet Uranus in astrology, and also to chronological periods in development of civilization in ancient China according to comments of the Chinese Book of Changes i-jing.
Epochs and eras of the human civilization are compared with astronomical precession of the Earth's axis and signs of the zodiac within astrological circle, and also characteristics of zodiacal epochs and future events of the New Age or Era of Aquarius according to astrology.
Development of the human civilization is compared to chronological time in the Bible, and also the bible chronology is compared to calendar epochs and zodiac signs in astrology.
The planet Uranus is shown as a cosmological image of the eighth sky in mythological and metaphysical model of the Universe, and also astronomical cycles of the planet Uranus and symbols i-jing are compared with 70-year periods in the Book of prophet Daniel in the Bible.
Astronomical cycles of the planet Uranus are correlated with the birth date of Jesus Christ, namely the planet Uranus is identified as the Star of Magi which has designated the beginning of the New Era, that corresponds with calendar calculations of Dionysius Exiguus. And also the astrological birth chart of Jesus Christ is shown.
Twenty five astrological horoscopes which correspond with chronology of the planet Uranus and predetermine duration of time in the zodiacal epoch of Fishes before the New Age or Era of Aquarius.
The calendar date and astrological horoscope for beginning of the New Age of Aquarius is shown.
Astronomical and astrological cycles of the planet Uranus are compared to future symbols in the Book of Revelation in the Bible, namely the future events of Apocalypse are compared to epochs and eras in development of the human civilization from creation of the world up to a doomsday when the Kingdom of heaven will be carried out.

I hope that this information about symbols i-jing and facial emotions in features of a human face, and also about chronology of astrological calendars and development of civilization, and in particular about the Star of Magi and birth date of Jesus Christ, and also about the beginning of New Age of Aquarius, about the planet Uranus and images of the Apocalypse will be interesting!
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