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letters and words of human speech

Numerology of alphabets and names.

Metalinguistics of letters and words in human speech.
Metaphysical formulas of alphabets.

Nominal identifiers of people and numbers in numerology.

Except for word forming game on pages of website there are concepts of metalinguistics which allows to consider letters not only as alphabetic signs but as metaphysical elements of human speech.
In particular sacral azbuka of Slavic Cyrillic alphabet is deciphered. Also Slavic alphabetic signs are compared to contemporary letters and metaphysical formula of modern Russian alphabet.
And Russian letters are compared to phonemes of English language. That allows to correlate metaphysical formula of Russian alphabetic signs to letters of English alphabet.
Numerical systems of some ancient and contemporary alphabets are resulted, namely ratio of letters with numbers of duodecimal numerology are shown.
Table for transformations of numbers of duodecimal numerology in decimal numerical signs is given.

metaphysical formula of letters in Russian alphabet

Information about gematria of words is resulted, namely geometrical perception of words in numerology.
Spectral parameters of colors for vowel letters of Russian alphabet are shown. Also there is gallery where it is possible to see images according to which names of people form color pictures in geometrical space.
There are word puzzles or conundrums which can be carried out by means of alphabetic playing cards with letters on game board, and which can be considered as mantic operations as a result of which predictions of words can be formed.
There is information on numerical word meanings which can be calculated according to numerological numbers of not only letters but also of sounds and phonemes of human speech.
There are comparisons of phonemes in English language with letters of Russian alphabet. That allows to calculate numbers of English words and numerical meanings of human names in context of duodecimal numerology.
There are methods for calculations of human names according to num integers and digits of numbers in numerology. Also psychological meanings which correspond with names and surnames of people, or other nominal identifiers (nominees) of human personality.

spectral parameters of colors for letters in Russian alphabet gematria or geometrical image of names in numerology nominal identifiers or nominees of personality

Gods of Vedic mythology and sounds of speech.
Names of people and metaphysical sense of letters in alphabets.

Numbers in numerology and astrology.

parities of Vedic gods with letters and astrological signs Also on pages of website there is information on parities of gods in Vedic mythology with astrological signs of zodiac, numbers in numerology and sounds of human speech, that allows by means of numerological calculations to realize metaphysical sense of names in comparison with characteristics of deities who are known in ancient texts of Vedas.

Information on phonetic structures of contemporary Russian alphabet and pantheon of 33 gods in Vedic mythology. Namely heavenly and atmospheric and terrestrial gods are compared to 20 consonant and 11 vowel letters, and twins Ashvins are compared to firm and soft signs, that in the sum corresponds with 33 letters of contemporary Russian alphabet.
And Russian letters are compared to phonemes of English language, that allows to correlate gods of Vedic mythology with English alphabetic symbols.
Terrestrial and atmospheric gods personify nine numbers in numerology within magic square. Heavenly gods personify zodiac signs and planets in astrology. Also Vedic gods possess qualities of light, that is comparable to phonetic parameters of speech sounds.
In total sounds of human speech are compared with zodiac signs and planets, with numerological numbers and characteristics of gods according to information which is known in texts of Vedas. And in aggregate divine name YAHWE or JEHOVAH  or tetragrammaton YHWH is compared to letters and sounds of human speech according to parities of alphabetic signs and phonemes with gods of Vedic mythology.
Besides methods of numerological calculations which allow to compare names of people to characteristics of gods.

Circular matrixes of letters and numbers.
Metaphysical codes of alphabets.

Numerology and geometrical ratio of gods.

metaphysical code of alphabet in circular matrix of letters Also on pages of website there are circular matrixes of letters and numerological numbers according to which alphabets are constructed. And in particular circular matrixes of Phoenician, Jewish, Greek, Latin (English), Slavic, contemporary Russian alphabets are shown, and accordingly there are comparisons of letters in the listed alphabetic circular geometrical shapes with numbers of decimal and duodecimal and octal numerologies. Namely comparisons of letters in ancient and contemporary derivative alphabets within geometrical matrixes which have different quantity of concentric circles and numerical axes.
Also geometrical ratio of phonetic values and philosophical meanings of letters within circular linguistic matrixes, that is basic principle according to which alphabets are constructed.

Besides ratios of letters and alphabetic signs in circular matrixes with days of week and time of lunar month; with seven-year periods of astrological planet Uranus and major arcana of Tarot; with the cycle Tzolkin in calendar of Maya and with pantheon of gods in Vedic mythology.
Ratio of hieroglyphs in calendar of Maya with letters of Russian alphabet and gods of Vedic mythology.
And Russian letters are compared to phonemes of English language, that allows to correlate hieroglyphs in calendar of Maya with English alphabet.
Information about cycle Haab in calendar of Maya and sign system of Phaistos Disc, also other time systems of ancient world.
Parities of letters with names of gods of Ancient Greece.
Metaphysical codes according to which names of mythological gods are ciphered in geometrical ratio of letters in ancient and contemporary alphabets.
Letters which symbolize geometrical ratio of divine Trinity in the circular matrix of Slavic Cyrillic alphabet.
Names of archangels who are five elements of divine essence and who correspond with metaphysical coordinates of God in circular numerological matrixes of alphabets.

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