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exposition of forest sculptures

Art gallery of forest sculptures.
Natural sculptural shapes in tree roots.

exposition in art gallery of fur tree roots

creative potential of the nature in flora kingdom

initial natural shapes and sculptural roots of fur-trees

Online art gallery of website represents the exposition of forest sculptures which are natural compositions, and in essence are wood snags or roots of old fur trees which are cleared of wooden rubbish and are coordinated with animalistic images of fantastic birds. Namely sculptural shapes are found in roots of old forest trees and processed without change of initial formal images.
The main art concept of the shown forest sculptures is the idea of natural beauty of original shapes and unique images which can be seen in the nature.

Art value of any forest sculpture as a type or genre of fine arts is not artificial fiction of an artist, but creative potential of the nature which is shown in the kingdom of flora. Artists can find out beauty of a nature and show natural shapes only. Namely if the natural formal image is found then the task of sculptor consists in correct revealing this image and observance of a primary plan which is incorporated in natural materials. Any forest sculpture is more valuable if there are no formal changes, though the sculptor can change some wooden shapes, but nevertheless sculptural shapes are unique if initial natural forms are not changed.
Besides this website gives the information on methods for processing of natural wood, and in particular for processing of fur-tree roots which are used for creation of the shown wood forest sculptures.

I hope that the shown wood forest sculptures and animalistic images of birds in this online art gallery will be interesting!
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Sculptural shapes and formal images of birds in roots of fir trees in galleries of website can be considered as product of fine arts or otherwise to tell art works which can be placed in interiors of living quarters and office premises near to indoor flowers and house plants, and in particular near to different types of cactuses which grow in desert where there is not enough moisture, and also the shown sculptures are dry roots of trees. Or near to bird cages where there a speaking parrot or various kinds of songbirds lives. Or in neighborhood with aquariums where wood snags are used for designing of atmosphere of underwater sea depths, and as a result it is possible to correlate mentally movements of aquarium fishes in sea depths to flight of sky birds in air space.
Also natural shapes of the shown sculptural roots of fur-trees it is possible to compare with the Japanese dwarf trees Bonsai or flower compositions of the Japanese ikebana, as cultivation of dwarfish trees or arrangement of flowers in compositions of ikebana too is focused on revealing of creative potential of the nature which is shown in flora. In particular the shown forest sculptures can be compared to the Japanese dwarf trees Bonsai or flower compositions of ikebana at offices of landscape design and gardening companies which cultivate ornamental shrubs and exotic plants. At offices of design firms which create interiors of country homes and hotels, or forest camps and resorts. In interiors of fitness gym clubs and health care clinics of phytotherapy where doctors and physicians apply natural remedies and herbal teas on the basis of medicinal plants and herbs. In office rooms of furnishing companies and trading halls of furniture shops where it is possible to buy home accessories of natural wood or finest species of precious exotic and tropical hardwood trees. In show-windows of souvenir shops where it is possible to buy costume jewellery or fashion jewelry and decorative accessories of natural wood of exotic trees and bushes. In show-windows of flower shops where it is possible to buy indoor plants, or bouquets of garden flowers for weddings and festivals or holidays. At offices of floral companies where florists and flower designers create art compositions of garden flowers for wedding actions and other holidays. In trading halls of pet-shops where it is possible to buy exotic songbirds and speaking parrots.
Or sculptural shapes of the shown roots of forest fur-trees can be taken in exhibition halls of commercial and industrial fairs and international trade exhibitions where furnishing companies are shown by furniture samples of natural softwood or precious hardwood trees. On photo exhibitions where photographers show photographic forest landscapes of and photos of the nature. In art galleries and private collections where pictures with forest landscapes are collected. In art expositions and galleries of floristic design, and in particular in collections of decorative pictures of dried grasses and flower petals. In exhibition layouts of forest reserves and scientific research institutes where samples of trees and herbariums of plants are collected.

Besides the art gallery of forest sculptures on pages of website has the indirect attitude to environmental ecology and protection of natural resources, or otherwise to tell to conservation of biological factors of surrounding environment and ecological balance. Namely sculptural birds in roots of fir trees can symbolize ecologically pure technologies of industrial production and care about environmental conservation. In particular industrial manufacture as a result of which people can buy solar panels and power products of renewable energy batteries and generator technologies of wind power stations, or other environmentally friendly alternative sources of electric energy. Eco building materials for construction of ecological houses where there are no harmful biological factors which influence health of people and pollute environmental ecology. Kids toys of wooden natural materials which are safe for health of children. Packing materials and plastic bags which do not pollute ecology of the nature and wildlife environment. Energy efficiency technologies which allow to save electric power. Filters for air conditioning and water treatment in living quarters or office apartments and commercial properties. Natural cosmetic remedies for massage or wildlife cosmetics and herbal medicines for body skincare. Hybrid cars and electric vehicle motors which do not pollute ecology of cities. Ecological clothes and textile goods of natural fabrics.
Also natural forest sculptures of wooden birds in this gallery can be considered as art works for design at offices of a green party and public ecological organizations or state institutions of wildlife management where the shown roots of fur-trees can be alternative to iron and bronze sculptural birds. At administrative offices of oil and gas companies as petroleum and gas are natural raw materials, and also wildlife shapes of fur tree roots in the shown wood sculptures are natural materials. At office buildings of industrial tree processing factories and paper combines, and also at offices of commercial banks and financial corporations for creation of mental associations with health natural atmosphere of a wildlife forest and  impressions of a beauty nature. In rest rooms of metallurgical combines and automobile factories for a psychological relaxation of workers. At offices of computer firms for preventive treatment of a confined space-hypoxia syndrome or compartment syndrome by pressure within a closed space and technogenic depression, namely this sculpture birds with open wings can symbolize free flight in air space of the open sky.