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manuals describe rules more than 160 original games and patience puzzles The new card game is presented on pages of the site:
It is the logic gaming as playing cards are open on squares of a checker board as chessmen that provides equal odds of a prize, but players apply traditional game rules as in a poker or contract bridge. It is possible to play according to different rules, and in total there is a plenty of card games and patience puzzles.
Players manipulate playing cards on a checker board according to suits and numerical values, but play poker or bridge as with chessmen. In all there are 162 different variants of card games.
Players have proportional sets of playing cards that allows to manipulate on a game board according to various rules with equal odds of a prize.

Suggested game is a kind of open board gaming that allows play cards openly on a field with squared sectors when the chances of a prize are equal like in chess, but when the traditional methods of playing interaction in card games are used. It is possible to use different rules like chess or poker, and altogether the quantity of games seems to be large without limit.
Present information intends for attention of interested people and organizations, and besides it is expected to conclude license or copyright contracts in case of any interest to publish this card game.
Design versions of this board game holds patents for inventions: RU2204430 and RU2243800.

Pages of website have PDF files with images of playing cards and game boards suitable for printing in format A4. It is possible to download images, and to make playing cards of cardboard and paper, and to play. And also in PDF files there are detailed rules and instructions for intellectual card games and patience puzzles.
In total manuals describe rules more than 160 original games and patience puzzles, or otherwise to tell logic conundrums which differ from bridge or poker because gaming process is carried out on a chess board. But at the same time gaming rules are similar to bridge or preference or poker as colors and numerical values of playing cards are considered.
The offered game package includes some versions in which there are playing cards and chess boards of different complexity.
The initial version of game has two packs or decks with special designations that allows to distinguish playing cards if two player uses own sets. And the initial version has the checker board of 64 squares as in chess.
The basic version of game too has two packs with designations which allow to distinguish playing cards by players. But besides playing cards in each pack of basic version have proportional groups which contain equal quantity of different suits and values of numerical signs. Two players can play by two equivalent packs or proportional groups of playing cards, and thus equal chances of a prize will be observed. Besides, 64 squares of the chess board in the basic version have designations appropriate to four suits of playing cards, namely red, yellow, green, blue colours.
Playing cards are trump on squares of corresponding colours according to rules of various games and patience puzzles.
The full or big version of game in addition has playing cards which are jokers in packs. And also big version has chess boards with different arrangements of colours on squares, that allows to carry out rules of various card games and puzzles.
The additional version of game package has special chess boards and packs of playing cards which can be used for realization of special gaming rules.
The version of three-suited playing cards has three colours or suits in three packs, and also has the checker board with squares of three colors, that is applicable if three players participate in card games.

And also look the information about hexagonal playing cards which are somewhat similar to traditional round card sheets which are known in India.

I hope that the offered packs of playing cards, and also rules and instructions of various board games and puzzles will be interesting and entertaining!
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