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art gallery of geometrical drawings

Art geometrical drawings.

Drawings with color felt-tip pens and markers in geometrical space.
Art Gallery of Phantom Images.

drawing with felt-tip pens in gallery of phantom images This art gallery on website shows images which are drawn with color felt-tip pens and markers. Online pages of art gallery describe artistic concepts of images which consist in linear patterns or otherwise to tell phantom geometrical networks of lines according to which compositions of drawings or pictures are constructed. Also this online gallery of art geometrical drawings has information about methods of designing with felt-tip pens and markers, namely about colorful effects which arise on a surface of paper as a result of application of different types of color felt-tip pens and paint markers, and also other drawing tools which are made on the basis of felt-tip paint technologies.
Graphic figures of this gallery can be considered as real pictures of fine arts or as virtual artistic images which are geometrical prototypes for computer graphics and visual design of spatial forms in various spheres of industrial modeling and technical designing. Or the shown geometrical drawings can be considered as prototypes of optical illusions and visual effects in laser shows, and also as art sketches of stained-glass windows and graphic pictures on glasses for interior design.
And also pages of gallery describe many other life spheres of show-business and industrial design where geometrical ideas of linear space of the shown phantom images can be involved.

Geometrical codes or puzzles with letters.

puzzle of letters and geometrical code of words And also pages of this website in gallery of phantom images represent geometrical codes or logic puzzles in which letters correspond with lines of space and form figures of geometrical linguistics. Namely puzzles are constructed as graphic art drawings of words in geometrical space where lines correspond with letters or characters alphabet which forms original phantom networks of human speech, or otherwise to tell spatial fabrics of languages.
The shown geometrical codes can be considered as cryptograms and encryptions or secret signs and symbols in which visual images of words and ciphers of semantic values are included. In essence geometrical codes can be analyzed as logic intellectual puzzles or linear labyrinths in which lines of space and letters of alphabet form enciphered words.
Or geometrical codes can be considered not only as logic puzzles and cryptograms, but also as graphical images which allows to analyze psychological characteristics of people according to different configurations of lines in alphabetic spatial symbols of human names.
Or according to principles of geometrical linguistics it is possible to analyze psychological influence of words in trade marks and brands of industrial products on consciousness of potential buyers according to spatial ratios of linear configurations of letters in alphabetic codes of human names and commercial denominations.
Trade marks of automobile companies and nominal designations of motor cars and models of vehicles, and also commercial names of computer corporations and marketing brands of operating systems of personal computers and mobile phones are shown as examples.
Graphical figures and linear configurations of alphabetic letters or characters in linguistic codes are compared to geometrical polygons which correspond to numbers in numerology and signs of zodiac in astrology, that allows to analyze psychological characteristics of people and influence of trade marks on human consciousness according to spatial ratios of letters.

Rules for disposition of stones in a Japanese rock garden.

solution of geometrical harmony of Japanese rock garden And also pages of gallery of phantom images give the solution of mysterious harmony of stones in a Japanese rock garden.
In particular geometrical concepts of traditional Japanese rock gardens, and in essence topologic rules and laws according to which disposition or arrangement design of stones can be perceived as harmonious and proportional.
Universal geometrical or otherwise to tell art topological principles according to which stones or other objects of space can be located proportionally.
Calendars which can be ciphered in stones of Japanese rock gardens.
Rules of logic games and puzzles which are possible if to consider stones of Japanese rock gardens as mobile playing figures or dice.
Numerological idea according to which builders have calculated quantity of stones and parameters of the rock garden in Buddhist temple Ryoanji in the Japanese city of Kyoto.
Geometrical charts according to which it is possible to compare stones of Japanese rock gardens to letters of English and Russian alphabets, and also with numbers in numerology and other sign systems which are equivalent to numerical ratios of gods in ancient Greek myths and Vedic mythology.
Calendar charts according to which geometrical symbols of Japanese rock gardens can be considered in view of human relationships according to ratio of stones with birth dates and numerical values of letters in names of people in a context of numerology.
Design drawings and methods of geometrical measurements according to which it is possible to draw own art plan and to arrange stones of your Japanese rock garden.
Points of the Kyoto rock garden in the Ryoanji temple where geometrical proportions of the spatial stone disposition are perceived most harmoniously.
Information on stone spheres which could be objects of geometrical figures of ancient megalithic constructions.
The specified geometrical concepts of Japanese rock gardens can be considered as idea of architectural projects and building plans, and including as ideas of landscape design for art gardening in parks or city squares and other urban territories.

Proportions of a human body and parameters of the Egyptian pyramids.

parameters of Egyptian pyramids and ratio of gold section

contours of ideal human figure and proportion of a heptagon

And also website pages in art gallery of phantom drawings represent geometrical principles of gold section and divine proportions according to which a human body is created and the Egyptian pyramids are constructed:
In particular art gallery show contours of the ideal human figure or otherwise to tell ideal body proportions which are coordinated within lines of space in a heptagon.
Geometrical heptagonal shapes according to which builders have calculated parameters of Egyptian pyramids and harmonic ratio of gold section.
Measuring tools which are arranged according to proportional ratio of lines in the figure of heptagon, and which can be applied to calculations of correct shapes and proportions of a human body.
Logic puzzles which can be made of heptagonal figures and which can be applied to construction of abstract art compositions in which correct geometrical proportions and shapes of human bodies are designed.
Also online gallery of art geometrical drawings shows ratio of body proportions with cardinal points of astrological circle, and also influences of planets on formal parameters and proportions of human bodies in a context of astrology.

I hope that drawings and geometrical codes, and also the information on proportions of a Japanese rock garden of stones and Egyptian pyramids, and about shapes of human bodies in online gallery of phantom images and art geometrical drawings will be interesting!
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