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website about art gallery of female bodies and labyrinths

Gallery of sensual labyrinths.
Beauty of female bodies.
Art concepts of erotic drawings.

art concepts of graphic drawings and erotic figures of bodies

erotic figures in gallery of sensual labyrinths

Pages of website in art gallery of sensual labyrinths represent erotic figures or pictures which are drawn on a paper with pencils and ink, or graphic felt-tip pens and paint markers are applied instead of ink on some paper sheets.
Graphic pictures or drawings in art gallery show figures of human female bodies as spiral sensual labyrinths. Namely drawings in gallery show and investigate geometrical spirals of erotic beauty and absolute harmony, and in particular show laws of proportional ratios, or otherwise to tell natural proportions and the beauty canon of a perfect female body.
Sensual labyrinths in galleries on pages of website grow out mathematical and geometrical graphic calculations as a result of which erotic lines and drawing shapes in figures of female bodies are correlated with proportions of geometrical spirals.
Besides pages of galleries describe principles of human sensuality as art concepts of graphic drawings or pictures.
Namely this online art gallery of labyrinth figures has not only erotic drawings but also information about reasons of sensual perception and impression of natural  beauty in female body shapes.
About material physical shapes and ideal erotic images of female bodies.
About visual associations and categories of the fine arts.
About correct spiral lines of a body and beauty canon of perfect erotic shapes which can be drawn according to laws of geometrical proportions.
About sexual distortions which break perception and impression of absolute sensual beauty in shapes of female bodies.
About metaphysical meanings of labyrinths as ancient symbols in which it is possible to see geometrical laws of a human nature.
About geometrical shapes of a genetic spiral which forms figures of alive biological essences, and including forms erotic lines in drawings of human bodies.
About ratios of mathematical proportions and body measurements with natural shapes of outward things in space of the Universe.
About subjective sensual comprehension of geometrical laws of a harmony and beauty which predetermine psychic perception of physical erotic shapes.
About comparison of drawing figures with photos of a body, namely art concepts in gallery affirm that photography and photos deform visible shapes and erotic images of human bodies
About anthropomorphous view of visible shapes in the nature according to which eye sights of people reacts to formal images which are similar to outlines of human bodies, that is a source of sensual impressions.
About phenomenal images in usual shapes of a physical nature, namely about supernatural perception of aesthetic beauty in erotic figures of female bodies.
gallery of logic labyrinthes or erotic games of a female body

online galleries of erotic drawings and art concepts of sensual figures

And also pages of website represent one gallery of usual geometrical labyrinths which can be perceived as logic puzzles or erotic games.
The gallery of erotic puzzles or games show labyrinths as graphic symbols TAO in which dark lines mean characteristics YANG, and light intervals between lines mean characteristics YIN. Accordingly the labyrinthine way can be passed according to lines YANG or according to space YIN that symbolizes TAO philosophical concepts.
Therefore the shown sensuality of female body figures can be perceived as mysterious symbols or philosophical riddles or erotic games of a human life.

And also graphic drawings in galleries on pages of website can be interesting to manufacturers and sellers of cosmetic production for body care, namely as pictures on labels of cosmetic creams for keeping of a youth beauty of female bodies.
For manufacturers of perfumes and fragrances as marketing labels of perfumery production, and also as decor in show-windows of perfume stores, or as graphic design on pages of websites in online shops where it is possible to buy a French eau-de-Cologne and fragrances, or deodorants and other perfumes, as spiral lines of the shown erotic drawings can symbolize perfumery aromas and cosmetic smells.
For fashion design and manufacture of lady's clothing as brand labels of new wear models, and including new swim bathing suits and erotic sets of female lingerie. And also for online shops in the Internet where it is possible to buy stylish wear for women, or bathing suits and erotic lingerie.
For stylish designing of clothes and fashion designers as illustrations in catalogs of new wear collections of fashionable underwear, and also the shown erotic labyrinths can be interesting as illustrations in online shops where Internet users can buy fashionable clothes and other stylish clothing accessories of the fashion industry.
For organizers of beauty contests or producers of  fashion shows as scenery on stages of concert halls and podiums where clothing designers show wear collections or girls demonstrate beauty of female bodies.
For producers of musical concerts of popular singers, and also for organizers of pop or jazz music festivals as scenery on stages, or in the form of illustrations on concert posters and tickets.
For design and decor of dance halls in nightlife clubs, or dancing stages in other entertainment services of a youth music culture.
For decor in show-windows of jewelry boutiques or for web design of online internet shops where it is possible to buy golden wedding rings with jewels or platinum bracelets with brilliants, or other costume jewelry for beauty decorating of female bodies.
For illustrations on gift packs in which men give dear gifts to women, and including jewelry sets of rings or wedding dresses.
For decor of fitness clubs and gym halls where women are engaged in shaping and body training, namely where women form beautiful female figures, as erotic drawings of the present gallery of labyrinths associate with fitness and sensual beauty of a healthy lifestyle.
For travel agencies and tour operators where it is possible to buy travel tours or sea cruises, as sensual drawings of the shown labyrinths associate with demonstration of beauty female bodies on beaches of sea resorts.
For packs of dietary healthy nutrition which are on sale for fast weight loss, namely for healthy ways to lose weight and shaping of a beauty female figure. And also for illustrations on websites of online businesses which offer weight loss tips and individual diets for women. Or for web design on pages of internet shops where it is possible to buy dietary supplements of a healthy life style and medicine products for diet programs.
For interior decor of massage services and beauty shops, and also for web design of online marketing in the Internet where women can read about methods of cosmetic massage or about cosmetics for body care, as labyrinths of the shown erotic figures create mental associations with beautiful female shapes.
For advertising of cosmetic clinics and medical centers of plastic surgery, and also for graphic web design of online medical services where it is possible to read articles about aesthetic cosmetology. And in particular about methods of plastic operations and cosmetic procedures which allow to correct shapes of female bodies, and to form beautiful erotic figures by means of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.
And also erotic drawings of the shown labyrinths can be considered as illustrations in luxury magazines and periodical journals, or on the Internet pages of online media editions for women, where it is possible to read popular scientific articles about cosmetics and perfumery, or about fashion design of lady's wear and jewelry. About fitness clubs and body shaping in gym exercise rooms, about healthy diets for weight loss and agencies of fashion models, about massage beauty shops and erotic sets of lingerie. Or about medical centers and cosmetic clinics which apply new methods of cosmetic procedures and plastic operations for correction of body figures.

I hope that the shown online galleries of erotic drawings and art concepts of sensual body figures or beauty of female bodies will be interesting and cognitive for men and women!
The information about sensual labyrinths on website are open or otherwise to tell free of charge, but however online show should be repaid, or you can buy erotic drawings in the form of paper sheets for art collections, or in forms of digital.images and graphic files for web design of online shops and other media services with female themes on the Internet.
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