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website about art canon of a body

Types of constitutions and canon of changes i-jing.
Galleries of body builds and poses.
Concepts of human morphology.

morphology of a human body in galleries logic designs of body builds and the canon i-jing

somatic types of human bodies with trigrams of the canon i-jing

weight and growth within the magic square of numerology

Pages of website www.labyrinthgallery.64g.ru represent the information on morphology and poses of a human body, and also about figures of bodily builds. Namely website represent logic designs or drawings within which skeletal shapes and poses, and also somatic and morphological types, and in total types of constitutions of human bodies are systematized according to logic symbols of the canon of changes i-jing, which is a set of ancient mathematic signs corresponding with diverse phenomena of physical world, and including with natural morphology of human bodies.
Types of body-builds are systematized in face-to-face frontal projections according to 16 tetragrams and in side view lateral projections according to 64 hexagrams of the canon i-jing. In total 16 face-to-face and 64 lateral body projections are shown in two online galleries where symbolic images can be compared formally to bodies of real people to identify body-build types. And as a result it is possible to speak about psychological features which are caused by body shapes.
Somatic types of human bodies are systematized according to qualities Yin and Yang of the Chinese philosophy, and somatic physical shapes are correlated with eight trigrams of the canon i-jing, and also are correlated with typology of human bodies of French physiognomists Gaston and Henri Durville.
Morphological bodily types are systematized according to weight and growth within the magic square of nine numbers of Pythagorean numerology, and also are compared to mythological images of gods of the Ancient Greece and categories of the Ancient Indian Ayurveda which is a system of ancient medical knowledge about natural shapes of a human body.
In total different typological systems on pages of website www.labyrinthgallery.64g.ru in online galleries form the systematized variety of symbolic types of constitutions or otherwise to tell formal bodily symbols which allow to speak about psychological character traits according to physical shapes of human bodies.

Also on pages of website www.labyrinthgallery.64g.ru there are information on ratios of body build types in face-to-face and side view projections with planets and signs of the zodiac within astrological circle, or with numbers within magic square of Pythagorean numerology and zodiacal houses. Information about psychological characteristics for types of body builds according to meanings of planets and signs on the zodiac in astrology.
Also there are mathematic methods allowing to identify types of body builds according to positions of planets in astrological birth cosmograms and natal charts of people, or in horoscopes  in a context of astrology. That as a result allows to speak about mutual sympathies and antipathies in relations of people according to aspects of planets and signs on the zodiac, and in essence according to aspects of body build types within astrological circle.

Emotions in poses of a human body.
Galleries of symbolical bodily figures.

symbols of the canon i-jing in galleries of human bodies poses and emotional displays of people pentagrams of the bodily canon in poses types of constitutions and physical shapes

symbolical figures in galleries allow prognoses and predictions morphology of human bodily shapes and numbers in numerology

And also pages of website www.labyrinthgallery.64g.ru in online galleries represent the information on poses or otherwise to tell positions of human bodies, namely except for constant types of constitutions and physical shapes there are description of changeable bodily poses which express emotional displays of people.
Poses too are systematized by means of symbols of the canon of changes i-jing, that shown in galleries where conditional images, or otherwise to tell formal symbolical figures allow to identify real poses of human bodies and to speak about emotions which are expressed by people.
Digrams, trigrams, tetragrams, pentagrams, hexagrams of the canon i-jing systematize poses which are caused by positions of trunk and thigh, abdomen, head crown and chin, and also knees. In total symbols of the canon i-jing are compared to poses and positions of body levels which correspond with changeable figures of backbone in skeletal shapes, and also figures which are caused by movements of a head and knees.
The symbolical figures shown in online galleries allow to identify poses, and to speak about emotions of people, and also allow to carry out prognoses and predictions, namely allow to predict behavior of people and future events according to psychic meanings of emotions which are expressed in poses.
Besides poses of a human body and symbolical figures in galleries are compared to numbers of Pythagorean numerology, that allows to describe emotional displays of people according to ratios of numbers with mythological images of gods of the Ancient Greece.
And also on pages of a website there is online gallery which shows mutual poses which arise in relations of people and are caused by mutual emotions. Figures of mutual poses correspond to 36 configurations of trigrams of the canon i-jing in pairs.
Pay attention that hexagrams form a magic square 8x8 of 64 symbols, and configurations of eight trigrams or eight ba gua in pairs form a magic square 6x6 of 36 symbols, that can be interesting to researchers of the Chinese canon of changes i-jing.
And also pay attention that parities of symbolical figures and drawings in online galleries have no attitude to erotic poses of a Kama Sutra.

The information on types of body builds and morphology of human bodily shapes can be interesting in view of concepts of a medical dieting for planning improving diets and physical activity, and also diet programs of healthy nutrition with low-calorie food which allows to lose weight and to correct figures of female bodies.
In a context of bodybuilding and healthy fitness or gym shaping for planning complexes of physical trainings and sports exercises which approach for men and women with different morphological types of body builds. Or in a context of medical designing of exercise equipment for bodybuilding and fitness programs.
For design of sportswear and modeling of training equipments which are calculated  for different kinds of sports and various complexes of physical exercises, and also for sportsmen with different types of morphology and body builds.
For stylish design and art modeling of clothes according to different physical parameters of man's and female bodies, namely in the sewing industry for fashion designers and clothing modelers who can sew fashionable wear according to somatic shapes and figures of the shown body types of constitutions.
For popular models of jeans clothes which can be sewed not only according to the standard sizes, but also it is possible to sew according to somatic shapes and parameters of the shown 16 and 64 types of body builds in frontal and lateral bodily projections.
In conceptual view of haute couture for cast of top models with different types of body builds, that can be necessary for casting agencies and stylish fashion designers to show samples of fashionable clothes intended for men and women with different physical parameters and somatic shapes.
For video films and animations where it is possible to create film-characters and animated figures whose visual characters or otherwise to tell screen images are pictured according to psychological characteristics of the shown types of constitutions, and according to emotions which are shown in poses of human bodies in galleries of this website. Or for design of psychological images and emotional pictures of animated 3D characters in computer animation.
In view of concepts of aesthetic medicine and medical cosmetology for planning plastic operations and cosmetic procedures as a result of which plastic surgeons and cosmeticians can correct natural shapes of a man's or female bodily figures according to the symbolical drawings in galleries, namely according to different body build types. Planning plastic operations and cosmetic procedures can correct physical constitution of a person and model psychological characteristics which correspond to various typological shapes.
In a context of furnishing industry and industrial design of furniture for designing chairs and armchairs, or sofas and beds which are comfortable and convenient for people with different types of body builds. Namely it is possible to design furniture which has the sizes intended for buyers with different bodily forms in physical shapes.
In a context of motor industry for design of comfortable seats and armchairs in cars which people with different types of body builds can buy.
Namely buyers can identify types of own bodies according to shown symbolical figures in galleries, and then buyers can visit shops and buy cars or automobiles, or can buy sofas and armchairs, orthopedic beds and mattresses, and also models of clothes which are calculated by fashion designers and industrial modelers according to physical parameters of different types of body shapes.
And including buyers can buy orthopedic mattress or beds, or comfortable sofas and an armchairs, and also modeling clothes in online shops. Or buyers can order in the Internet on websites of furniture manufacturers or clothing brands, if online shops on the Internet, or websites of furniture factories and sewing manufactures allow to buy and order consumer goods and wares according to not only standard sizes, but also according to formal parameters of types of human body builds.

I hope that offered logic systems of constitutional types and values of emotions in poses of human bodies, and also galleries of bodily images and symbolic figures will be interesting and cognitive!
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