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Glass bead game.
Logic games of consciousness.


The Glass Bead Game is a name of the book of Hermann Hesse about hypothetical game which unites laws of mathematics and music, and in essence this game unites laws of geometry and harmony of world space. It is not existing game which has been invented by Hermann Hesse but many existing esoteric theories and metaphysical hypotheses, and also mystical knowledge can be considered as logic games of human consciousness, and can be perceived as the Glass Bead Game because esoteric theories and metaphysical hypotheses analyze the world, and in essence investigate mathematical laws of harmony according to which the world and the mankind are constructed.
Also the Glass Bead Game is a general thematic name of the blog in which it is possible to discuss logic gaming of consciousness and any questions which can be connected with themes of websites on the internet portal of games and art galleries www.64g.ru.

Blog does not exist but it is possible to discuss themes by e-mail.

Addresses of separate themes in the blog.

Theme about the open playing cards and gaming on a chess board.

Theme about games with the open tiles of dominoes on a chessboard.

Theme about games in words and playing cards with letters which are open on a chessboard.

Theme about the board game with numbers on a playing chessboard.

Theme about hexagonal playing cards and other board games on a six-side chess board.

Shortly I shall open many other themes for discussions.
Shortly various themes about logic games of consciousness or otherwise tell about variants of games with glass beads can be open for discussion on blog pages.
But in particular an interesting theme for discussion is the question on why poker games or otherwise to tell online poker gambling and various online casinos have popularity in a WorldNet of  the Internet. What gaming rules of poker online are the reason of global popularity? Why people wish to play casino games and how the glass beads differ from money?

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